Queer Game Studies – Untitled Project

This project is about a visual novel I have been preparing as my final work for The Master of Culture Studies and Visual Arts, specialized in Queer and Feminist Perspectives (called “MUECA” in Spain, and offered by the UMH).

This project is an attempt to create a videogame/visual novel which does not rely on binary or heternormative gender and sexual identities, meanwhile it reflects some of the discriminatory issues, queer people have to handle with. Although the concept in itself is quite serious and based on social critics, I wanted to create a colorful, slightly “cyberpunky” world with neon lights, attractive and saturated colours and including objects and sceneries in movement to improve the player’s experience and make the game itself more visually engaging.

The game is composed of a non-binary character creator (in which you’ll be able to select and customize your character, based on a predefined body type) and a leveled narrative. In this first level you’ll have to lead through some difficult situations, but you are not alone. I really hope to represent identities in a not simplified way and surprise the player with the visuals and the final plot twist at the end of the first chapter.

Here you’ll see the first Trailer, all of the finished and animated Backgrounds in which the history will take place, together with the simulation of the Queer Character Creator containig a catalogue of randomized options, which reflects the uncountable options you’ll have on your disposition to customize your character with no need of choosing between woman or man and giving the option of creating bodies and identities that are overdue to be normalized and accepted as equal, respectable and love-deserving.

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Character Creator


The importance of the glitch in this visual and narrative development stands out in the Trailer and on a superficial level in the Character Creator. I had to make a few tests to see, how a glitch is visually composed…

Those visuals are planned for a first introductory level and there is a larger narrative which I haven’t been able to generate in the small window of time I had for this project, aside the research. Also, I have been able to get a small introduction to Unity and scriptwriting in C#, but due to time pressure I couldn’t elaborate a functional game yet (which does not mean that I’m not interested in achieving it asap! 😉 ).